The Team

Dr. Dimitrios Velessiotis is the project’s coordinator. His main research interests are in the fields of device fabrication (with emphasis to molecular electronics device), electron beam lithography, electrical characterization of devices and structural characterization with Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM).

Dr Nikos Glezos is a Senior Member of the Research Staff at INN, NCSRD from 1995. His research interests linked to the project are electron beam lithography process and process simulation and resist simulation by analytical and molecular dynamics methods. He has experience in commercialization of research having participated in an e-beam lithography simulation package development, which became a commercial product (LITHOS). He has also participated in EU nanotechnology programs (FREE, NANCAR, TASNANO) and contributed as lithography expert in the Technology Roadmap of Microelectronics (IST Programme). His expertise in microelectronic processes and his long experience in projects are invaluable for the implementation as well as the management of the project.

Dr. Aristotelis Kyriakis is a senior member of the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics(INPP), NCSRD from 2003 and an IEEE member. His research interests relevant to the project are electronics development, detector design/development for collider experiments and software development. Current research activity in tracker detector of CMS/LHC experiment and in SENERA NATO SPS 984705 program for radioactive source space localization using CdZnTe sensors. His experience in photodetectors is crucial for the supervision and guidance of the project.

Dr. George Pilatos is Senior Member of the Research Staff at INN, NCSRD from 2017. During his previous work at INN (1997-2007) he acquired expertise in synthesis and characterization of activated carbon and graphitic nanostructures. He is responsible for developing all the necessary MWCNTs structures for this project.

Dr Panagiotis Dimitrakis is Senior Member of the Research Staff at INN, NCSRD from 2017. He has long experience in process design and device fabrication and has been involved for years in process integration of heterogeneous materials including Graphene/CMOS, CMOS/Organic materials, Graphen Oxide/CMOS, Si/III-V, and Si/III-N materials. Furthermore, he is expert in the electrical characterization of electronic devices such as FETs, p-n junctions, Shottky diodes, MIS diodes etc. During the G-ReRAM project, he optimized the transfer process of single-layer graphene on to arbitrary substrates and developed processes for functional single-layer graphene devices.

Mr. Vasileios Lionas was added to the team as a Ph.D. candidate. He holds a B.Sc. in Physics from Patras University (2015) and a M.Sc. in Physics of Modern Technology Materials from the same University (2018). During his M.Sc. Thesis, he studied the electrical conductivity and photoconductivity of titanium oxide nanoparticles.